After visiting cemeteries and honoring those who served in the military on Memorial Day, we were enjoying sitting on the street in Lanesboro when suddenly a pickup roared by with two flags, an American flag and a “F*** Biden” flag. Total disrespect for the American flag and those who served. This type of mindset is rooted in the likeness of ex-President Trump who once told us that John McCain was not a hero. Unfortunately, folks still hang onto this mindset and continue to support this “golden boy” who never grew up to be a real man.

Trump told those who attacked the Capitol on Jan. 6, that they were true patriots, saying, “We love you. Remember this day forever.” Five people dead, 140 injured (not fake news). What a dark day for our country and democracy. We heard shouts of “Hang Mike Pence” and our elected officials were literally running for their lives. Yet the Republicans want to sweep this under the rug with no investigation.

Trump, one-term president, impeached twice, lost the popular vote twice, and his popularity never reached 50% (not fake news).

This is not the America I grew up in. The “Make America Great Again” slogan assumed we weren’t great. With all our struggles and differences, I’ve always believed that America is great.

God bless the real heroes … first responders, scientists, law enforcers, and those who served our country to preserve our freedom, especially on Memorial Day. Please fly one American flag that represents all of America.

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Nathan Davidson, Grand Meadow