Sunday was the Fourth of July, Independence Day.

Happy Birthday, America.

I saw something I believe to be peculiar this holiday.

I looked up and down my entire block and noticed my house was the only one flying the American flag out front. No one else.

Oh, there were plenty of other signs, banners and flags throughout the neighborhood recognizing BLM and promoting diversity and LGBTQ love, but not a single American flag.

Made me think, wasn’t the American flag specifically designed and intended to be inclusive and represent ALL Americans?

Why eliminate the very symbol of freedom for ALL and replace it with individual agendas?

Some will argue the American flag is phony, disingenuous and hypocritical.

How soon will it take to realize the American flag's substitutions are no better?

They are nothing more than politically correct, in thing, vogue, preppy displays that will change at the whim of other causes.

Ron Weltzin, Rochester

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