I would like to thank Minnesota Sen. Dave Senjem, Rep. Jim Hagedorn and his amazing assistant Natasha in aiding me in finally receiving my 2020 tax refund.

I contacted Sen. Senjem and he replied with the names of three legislators who he felt could help. The first legislator I contacted returned a generic form letter email back totally unrelated to my request. I then phoned Rep. Hagedorn's office and a real person answered who put me on a brief hold and then connected me with Natasha.

The hold music in the background was "Stars and Stripes Forever." I smiled, knowing this would be the correct office to help me.

Natasha was very personable and had experience with contacting the IRS. She informed me that the stimulus money was taking priority over regular tax refunds. I feel fortunate to still be employed at a career I really enjoy, but I was hoping to not wait a year for my tax refund.

When I contacted the IRS by phone, the message "still processing" was the only information I was able get.

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Natasha phoned me with updates about her IRS communications. She was very happy when I informed her that I received my refund with interest. I also requested that she give my thanks, hope and prayers to Rep. Hagedorn, as we are both cancer survivors.

Natasha said she would be pleased to do so and to contact the office any time.

I have spoken with several persons who are still waiting for 2019 tax refunds.

Jane Komidor, Rochester