Nearly half of Republicans say they are unlikely to get the COVID-19 vaccine. A recent Gallup Poll found that only 45% of Republicans have confidence in science. Many conservatives have a long history of not believing in evolution, climate change, and now the COVID vaccine.

With hundreds of thousands of Americans dead already from COVID-19, this group is rather like a death cult. They seem to think that spreading death and sickness in their group is "freedom." However, they increase the chances of dangerous variants developing, children are increasingly getting severe symptoms, and about 10 million of us Americans have compromised immune systems and are less protected by COVID vaccines than healthy folks. Thus, I'm angered by the ignorance and gullibility that will sicken and kill far more than their death cult.

Right wing media, many Republican politicians, and Facebook spread the misinformation and lies, and they're not all that stupid. Sometimes it's just plain evil.

Then too, the thought of long haul COVID "brain fog" symptoms in pathetic death cult folks reminds me of zombie movies. Please, it's time to actually use your brains. Get vaccinated!

Greg Rendahl, Ostrander