I am responding to a recent article by former Councilman Michael Wojcik in which he commented on the recent rezoning of the lot on 26th Street NE next to a Kwik Trip.

I live in that area and take exception to some of his comments. People purchase or sell homes for various reasons: school district, close to work, close to friends or family, etc. The drastic change in zoning of the 26th Street property with the great increase in density was distressing to many and prompted some owners to sell their homes. Kwik Trip was already in place when many of the homes or condos were built.

In spite of Mr. Wojcik comments, most residents don't mind "the view." It is a gas stop, convenience store and many are pleased to have it. It should not be considered "a full service" grocery store as some council members have referred to it. I doubt if the mayor, council president and other members, except Mr. Palmer, even visited the area, especially when Century is in session.

I have not heard any racial comments by any member of our HOA or others in the area. There are many vacant large lots at various places where multiple housing units are already in place and have access to grocery stores that are a better choice for this particular building. This was an unfortunate decision by the council.

Gloria Hostak, Rochester