Congressman Jim Hagedorn's newsletter recently was delivered to my inbox. It made me sad. The only topic was Critical Race Theory.

He applauded parents in Rochester, Owatonna and Faribault for attending school board meetings to challenge the teaching of CRT. All of these meetings were confrontational, with angry misguided constituents who have been lied to by the congressman. Why is our representative fomenting division, misinformation, lies and anger among our communities and circumventing meaningful conversation about school curriculum?

The trigger word was Critical Race Theory. A dog-whistle term that some media and unfortunately our congressman has decided to invoke fear and hatred by some of his constituents and divide our communities, inciting the incivility we all witness locally and across our great country.

Schools are not teaching CRT. They are teaching history, complete history, plain and simple. The congressman contends CRT is Marxist (not true) and forces the "teaching of America's children to hate America." This is nonsense. The newsletter was rife with absurdities and we must call on our congressman to communicate with facts and science and leave the dangerous lies and misguided information behind.

Congressman Hagedorn, show your love of our incredible country by working to heal the divide, not grow the divide.

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Judy Bird, Byron