The most recent report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) paints a truly dire picture of the future unless mankind dramatically reduces its use of fossil fuels.

For our community, the most effective way to contribute to this effort and help insure a decent future for our children and grandchildren is a new public-private partnership that enables Rochester Public Utilities to meet its obligation of providing reliable customer service without building any new fossil fuel infrastructure.

RPU will soon decide between two plans for meeting our city’s future electricity needs. Both plans are marketed as 100% renewable, but one plan still calls for building a new natural gas power plant. The alternative plan utilizes wind and solar power with battery storage and requires no new fossil fuel infrastructure.

The wind, solar and battery alternative will likely cost businesses somewhat more in the short term. This is where the partnership comes in. In Rochester, we’re very familiar with partnering with businesses to ensure their viability. It’s time for businesses to reciprocate.

If you believe as I do that Rochester has both the will and the wherewithal to be a leader in our state in transitioning away from fossil fuels, please make your preference known to RPU. Request that they choose the real 100% renewable option and not build a new natural gas plant.

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Henry A. Homburger, Rochester