I've written to Rochester School Board President Jean Marvin multiple times regarding what the NEA and Education Minnesota are doing to wipe out academic teaching and replace it with "appropriate emotional responses" to combat "equity & oppression by white people."

I've been assured multiple times that RPS, acknowledging that all the land we live on once belonged to native Americans, does NOT teach or include in the curriculum, critical race theory.

Now it is known that Kent Pekel, interim RPS superintendent, is married to Dr. Katie Pekel, who runs the Culturally Responsive School Leadership Academy with anti-zionist Dr. Muhammad Khalifa, a controversial equity consultant with a history of promoting theories like “Christian privilege."

The Rochester Public School Board works FOR the taxpayers of Rochester. It's time for this board to pass a DEFINITIVE RESOLUTION that PROHIBITS the use of CRT/SEL, culturally responsive "theory," and DECLARES that the Constitution & Declaration of Independence are the basis of our country and ACADEMICS are the bedrock of teaching.

Bruce Atkinson, Rochester