Everyone needs clean air and water. Everyone. Everything.

My recent vacation in northern Wisconsin was difficult because of smog.. The wildfires out west were making my eyes red when I was outdoors. Not comfortable.

There are no windows to shut outside, no places to run away to. We are now fully engaged in climate changes. There is no sector of our population (agriculture, travel, hospitality, sports medicine, etc.) that is not affected.

What do we do? We call or write our elected officials and ask them to LEAD BOLDLY. They can do it if they have our support. They can make the changes in energy production, fuel efficiency, mandates on pollution -- it's in their hands, and ours, to make sure we act now. If enough of us call.

I once called an aide of a politician. He said, “Make calls.” I made those calls, others made calls, we changed the legislator's actions. All of us can be COURAGEOUS WITH ONE CALL. In the future, none of want to have regrets that we could have done more. Let's do it. We all need clean air, clean water, a healthy world for our children. Call now. We are in this together.

Flo Sandok

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Flo Sandok, Rochester