Health care educator Lisa Schnepper clearly defined the real question in the Daley Farm expansion recently: Why should one generator of toxic pollutants, principally nitrates, be allowed to put a wide area of their neighbors at risk for cancers and birth defects?

For both the Daleys and their county commission supporters, Marcia Ward and Steve Jacobs, to essentially deny the science of our porous karst geology and its already polluted groundwater reminds me of tobacco companies’ denial that smoking causes cancer. This old smokescreen would be laughable in recent repetitions, if they weren't fooling at least some of us. Yes, smoking causes cancer. Falsehoods repeated over and over do not add up to truth.

Ward, Jacobs and the Daley Farm have made much of conflict of interest allegations against the other three county commissioners with regard to board of adjustment appointments.

Yet the real conflict of interest here is the self-serving belief that Marcia Ward and Steve Jacobs apparently hold that their support of the Daley Farm expansion somehow benefits their constituents, when in truth it puts those constituents and their children and grandchildren at risk for long-term ill health.

Meanwhile, perhaps the Daleys need to rethink their "bigger is better" business strategy to "healthier is better." As consumers of karst geology groundwater we need Winona County to continue protecting our drinking water via the firm 1,500-unit cap.

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Commissioners Greg Olson, Marie Kovecsi and Chris Meyer are on the right path and deserve greater support from us.

John Gabbert, Winona