Oh, Rochester, let’s not grow too big for our own britches. The fire station at Silver Lake is not a sufficient building structure for our growing homeless problem. This day facility also does not provide a place to stay at night, and created tent cities everywhere, that are unsafe, especially for the homeless.

Tearing down Harriet Bishop, a perfectly useable school to build a state of the art school in its place was a horrid waste of money. We have used many old school buildings before and what better facility to have ample room to house, instruct and rehabilitate those with the unfortunate and growing pandemic of homelessness.

Tearing down the Silver Lake swimming pool for a splash pad is also a huge waste of money. In the land of many lakes, where Rochester has none, we need pools here to keep providing as many learn-to-swim places as possible that are affordable and accessible to everyone.

We need to have more views than just the mad growth frenzy with apartment complexes popping up as fast as our homeless numbers. We can keep growing, but we must be careful and not outgrow our own ability to be a good place to live.

Laura Rice, Rochester