Rochester Public Utilities (RPU) latest “Plugged In” included a half-page ad trumpeting National Drive Electric Week informing us of benefits of an electric vehicle (EV) (“fun, cost-effectiveness, environmentally friendly”). RPU also announced an EV community ed class -- the good without the consequences?

One consequence is Joe Biden’s executive order (bypassing our legislative process and representation) which set a target of 50% electric powered US vehicle sales by 2030. What a financial and strategic gift this dictate awards to Chinese Communist Party, whose goal is to dominate the world by 2049. China has 80% of the manufacturing capacity of EV batteries. China controls the EV supply chain with the chemical processors and refiners responsible for production of 82% of cobalt and 60% of lithium essential to EV battery production. US EV sales support the CCP. Sales will enrich Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm who’s invested in the only company making EV batteries.

Sales of zero-emission vehicles account for only 4% of sales nationwide. Biden’s executive order will require tax incentives. Consequences: government must intervene; taxpayers pick up the tab.

Environmental, social justice consequences of EVs? Producing batteries requires mining, using poor people working in unsafe conditions being paid a pittance. How is electricity fueling EVs generated? Costs, means to dispose of heavy metal-containing batteries?

EV marketing presents a myopic view of a product barely viable without government/taxpayer intervention. RPU advocates taxpayers - present and future - to permit government to take more of our property (income) and dictate our purchasing choices.

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Mary Bradford, Rochester