Our state’s congressional delegation is correct in its anger over Major League Baseball's (MLB) decision to move good paying jobs at a Caledonia sporting goods factory to right-to-work for less Missouri and to Communist China. Although the league owns only a minority interest in the firm, which makes batting helmets and other baseball oriented products, you can bet it wouldn’t have happened without their blessing.

When it comes time for billionaire owners to whine to taxpayers for yet another gilded stadium that the average family can barely afford to visit -- $212 these days, according to the Team Marketing Report -- the public falls all over themselves to shell out. The old Met, the Metrodome, and now the edifice at 1 Twins Way ... it’s never enough.

It’s time to rethink baseball’s anti-trust exemption. It’s also time for millionaire players and their managers, whose livelihood depends on their ticket-buying and worshipping fan base to come through for us for a change. Some say it isn’t their place to say. Horse hockey. Baldelli, Buxton and company need to be vocal in their opposition to this move because those soon-to-be unemployed factory workers pay their salaries. If they remain silent, I’ve eaten my last hot dog at Target Field.

Mark Spangler, Mankato

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