Hypocrisy is the name of the game for some people. Why do some of the same people (men) who say, “You can’t tell me to wear a face mask — I have my individual rights,” are quick to say, “I can tell you (women) not to have an abortion; I can control your decisions about your individual body”?

I want all men in this country to remember that women don’t get pregnant by themselves. Men have a responsibility to respect all individuals’ rights to decide what happens to their bodies. The male gender seems to think they have a right to torment and abuse women and create legislation about women without any knowledge of what women feel when they discover that they are pregnant. The decision to terminate a pregnancy is not taken lightly.

The arrogance and hypocrisy of men in this context is obvious and, I lament to say, of some women, too, is appalling. When they say, “my decision about getting vaccinated” — which has repercussions for all others with whom they come in contact — is not comparable to a woman’s decision to terminate an unwanted pregnancy which involves only herself and the man who has caused the pregnancy. How can so many be so blind to this outrageous idiocy?

Women need to stand up and shout “Get out of my personal decisions.” Who are you to tell uIs what to do with our bodies when you proudly declare your own right to do what you want with your own?

Rebeca Harkess, Rochester