I can’t buy a box of laundry detergent anymore. Each week I checked the laundry section to keep an extra box at home. The brand I’ve used the past couple of decades, because it was “environmentally friendly,” was often not on the shelf. Soon it was all gone and I switched back to the good old brand my mother used, still a popular brand. Boxes of that brand also started to disappear. Soon the whole laundry section was nearly bare. The next week the laundry section was filled with brightly colored familiar logo on round shaped jugs. There were no boxes of detergent.

A couple days later an ad on TV caught my eye because of the familiar logo. The ad promoted the convenience of the container and its child-proof lid. Nothing was said about the detergent. Did they forget to tell about the detergent? Of course not, the ad was not selling detergent, it was selling plastic jugs. Browse stores and see how much plastic packaging has increased and is replacing our better options. Helping the environment should be made easier, not more difficult. Be aware of the change and call attention to the big increase in plastic. Find, ask for, use, and promote other options whenever possible.

Kay Morcomb, Rochester

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