In regard to city buses observing the 25 mph speed limit, it would seem logical that they would not, as very few drivers observe the speed limit either.

We had a rather unfortunate incident last week. My wife and I were motoring along, obeying the posted speed limit of 30 mph. All of a sudden I noticed a gentleman driving behind us, waving and gesturing for us to speed up. I saw little sense in doing so as we had just a short distance to reach a stop sign with 3 cars ahead of us. All of a sudden, he had his vehicle right up behind us and I was sure he would bump us with his car, all the while shouting and admonishing us to go faster. When we made our left turn, he followed us right through the intersection, instead of waiting his turn, like every other driver. Luckily, I made a left turn in a short distance, and the maniac left us.

Now, lest you think this was a teenager behind us, nothing could be further from the truth. I am a very young 75 years old. In fact, several of our friends have commented that I could easily pass for 73 or 74. By looking in the mirrors of our car, I would judge crazy driver at least 70 years of age or older.

So once again, good luck City of Rochester in enforcing the 25 mph. It is a noble idea -- largely ignored by the citizens.

Al Johnsrud, Rochester