It is now increasingly evident that the adverse effects of climate change are impacting our nation with increased intensity and regularity. I’m referring to the long and intense drought and wildfire season in our western states, the incredible summer heatwaves in the Pacific Northwest, the regularity and intensity of tropical storms hitting our southern and eastern seaboard states, and the intense cold snap in the South.

It is also abundantly clear that:

  • Climate change is real
  • Its consequences are serious
  • It’s caused by human activity
  • It’s time to act.

Scientists tell us one of the best things we can do, and right away, is stop burning fossil fuels. They emit carbon dioxide (CO2) which warms our planet and destabilizes our climate. And scientists and economists tell us the most efficient and effective way to eliminate CO2 emissions is to price carbon.

Now this will mean that all goods and services made by burning fossil fuels will cost more; so we need to pair carbon pricing with a monthly carbon dividend paid to each U.S. household based on family size.

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President Biden is now working with Congress to cut America’s carbon pollution 50% by 2030. The time to act is now!

Please contact Representative Jim Hagedorn, Senators Klobuchar and Smith, and President Joe Biden and tell them to support federal legislation that prices carbon and pays monthly cash back dividends to US households.

It’s good for people, good for our climate, and good for our economy.

Robert Tereba, Winona