Line 3 construction is coming to a close, but the pipeline protest camps are still filled with people. It appears that the last to get the memo that the project is done are the people who failed to stop it.

For more than a year, we have been forced to observe increasingly desperate antics by Line 3 protesters. There have been hundreds of protests and “events” at pump stations and construction sites across Northern Minnesota. And these protests were not without repercussions.

These protests have caused numerous delays and cost Enbridge tens of thousands of dollars for extra work.

Protesters have prided themselves on the vulgar language and verbal abuse they hurl at police officers and pipeline workers.

We have witnessed ridiculous apparatuses being constructed, requiring special task forces from neighboring counties to respond, wasting precious time and resources.

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And peppered throughout the past year, have also been lawsuits, court cases and reviews, all coming to the same conclusion: The Line 3 pipeline project has been put through the proper scrutiny, has met and surpassed required permits and thresholds, and is being constructed in a safe and legal manner. The pipeline is here to stay and will be operational sooner than we know it.

In this day and age, where you can find out anything by a simple tap on your phone, maybe this letter can get in front of the pipeline protesters. Get the memo: leave your camps and move on!

Greg J. Gallas, Rochester