John Weiss’ recent outdoors column should be a wake-up call about Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) — in a good way. (“Deer population numbers stay steady, despite CWD concerns,” Sept. 25.)

For years we’ve heard doomsday speculation that CWD might cripple deer populations and end hunting as we know it. Yet in areas with CWD, the state Department of Natural Resources thinks there are too many deer and wants to reduce the population further, even after already allowing higher harvesting from those areas.

Fortunately, CWD isn’t as bad as some people feared. There’s no recorded instance of it ever affecting a person. And this latest news adds to evidence from other states that CWD doesn’t have a significant (if any) effect on deer populations. Hopefully, the sky-is-falling claims we hear about CWD will begin to die down.

Charly Seale (Chairman, Media Review Committee, American Cervid Alliance), Medina, Texas

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