I'm still meeting "my heroes" and some I may never meet to personally say thank you to, so I'm trying to reach out to as many as I can this way.

On Sunday, Sept. 5, I had a heart attack while attending a service at Holy Spirit Catholic Church. The quick call for help, action and teamwork of folks trained in CPR and the church having a defibrillator allowed me the opportunity to be alive and say thank you to many folks now. Their quick action allowed me to hear them say, "We shocked your heart, the ambulance is just about here and everyone here is praying for you." What a wonderful message to wake up to.

Thanks to the Mayo Clinic Ambulance, the fire department and police department for their quick response also. Father Tom Loomis and fellow parishioners ... sorry for the interrupted service, but I'm forever grateful for your quick professional response, concern and prayers. The care at Saint Marys Hospital was superb.

I think often about all the good care I got on what most people enjoyed as a holiday weekend.

Monica Taylor, Rochester