Lately I have noticed that the city council has authorized the reduction of speed limits in the City of Rochester by a simple vote. Especially in "nicer" neighborhoods, if you know what I mean.

I have been trying for 10 years to get the speed limit reduced on my street. Also simple street repairs. No dice. No way. I am told that the state funds the street (it is not marked anywhere as a state road, county road township road). It is a city street.

All the streets surrounding my street have been remade, repaired and attended to three times by my own eyesight, while my street remains a potholed speedway. I'm weary of platitudes like "Oh, you're right, that's part of our Long Term Plan."

Fifteenth Avenue between Fourth Street SE and 12th Street SE is an eyesore for Rochester. People race from red light to red light, often exceeding the speed limit at great risk to pedestrians and bikers. C'mon Kirkpatrick and City Council. Quit redlining southeast Rochester people to build your northwest empire.

E. Francis Zachary, Rochester