We are living in an insane moment where you can be fired from your job simply for not wanting to take a vaccine. Those in power do not care if you have any personal reservations, they do not want you to do your own research, they just want you to comply. This is going to unemploy tens of thousands of Minnesotans. Some of our most talented nurses and doctors are among those people. Joe Biden and Gov. Walz have set our state on a disaster course and we need to stop them.

There is a thin Republican majority in the State Senate: 34 Republicans, 31 Democrats, and 2 Independents. We need every Republican Senator to get in line and stop the vaccine mandates during the upcoming special session for the Frontline Worker Pay Bill. Rep. Erik Mortensen (R-55A) created the Stop Vaccine Mandates Amendment and it is the only one that will stop federal, state, local, and private vaccine mandates. Our medical privacy is at stake and we cannot pass down tyranny to the next generation.

We need to force our state senator, Mike Goggin, to stand up for conservative values and actually represent his constituents. Call him up at 651-296-5612 and demand he goes to bat for medical freedom. We the People are sick and tired of losing our freedom and the American way of life. It’s time to fight and save our state.

Idell Anne Klein, Lake City

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