I would like to address lunches provided throughout Rochester Public Schools and how these options are unsuitable for students. Rochester Schools provide a few menu options throughout parts of the day and although these options are nice to have, healthier school lunches should be provided for students. Students need to consume the proper diet in order have success in their academics.

Sheila M. Eldred, a health journalist from Minneapolis, writes in her 2016 article “Healthier School Lunches” that there is a direct correlation between nutrition and academic achievement. Eldred discusses “school district administrators often don’t recognize the correlation between health and well-being and academic performance.”

While observing the Rochester schools' website, their high school menu is currently serving lunches that consist mainly of pizza, nachos, chicken strips, and hamburgers. When students consume these unhealthy foods, it directly impacts them.

I suggest these schools avoid serving greasy and deep-fried foods as well as to incorporate another type of vegetable in the entrée. Instead of consuming two slices of bread and a patty, students can be served entrees like veggie wraps.

Healthier alternatives would provide students with the energy and focus they need in order to succeed throughout their eight-hour school day. On top of that, when students are given these healthier alternatives, it provides them with lifelong eating habits. RPS’s current and unhealthy options, however, contribute to academic distractions and substandard eating habits.

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Maiah Motley, Rochester