Last December we were concerned about the pandemic and formed a prayer group. Many of us feel something more is needed with coronavirus (COVID-19) and the Delta variant on the rise. Mainly the power of prayer.

Many residents in our building (Buena Vista) feel that several people listen to the six o'clock news. This time would be an opportunity to offer a prayer after the news. We suggest the Lord's Prayer or any other according to each person's religious denomination, Jewish, Hindu, Christian, Islam or Indian. Our country was founded on trust in the Lord. He said, "When two or more of you are gathered in my name, I am with you."

For frontline health care workers and essential workers, we thank you for your vocational call to serve us. We pray for school children and educators to keep them safe. We are living in a troubled world with many issues and tension. We pray to bring healing to this chaotic world.

Keep well and safe, everyone. Hopefully everyone can continue the prayers with family, friends and loved ones. God bless you all! We invite all of you to join us. We won't be together physically, but spiritually.

Debbie Postier and Mary Lent, Rochester