Bob "Again" Carney, Jr.: Support balanced government with a moderate Republican

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I’m Bob “Again” Carney Jr., a Republican “alternative candidate” to Jensen/Birk.

Minnesotans have chosen divided government — a governor and at least one legislative chamber of different parties — for all but two of the last 32 years. There’s a reason for this: Giving each party their own “corner of the ring” is the most practical way to ensure everyone’s voice is heard. In our incredibly divisive political environment, it’s just too dangerous to allow one party to control everything.

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As a moderate, reasonable Republican, I would be safe for Minnesota if the Republicans do win both houses — and I hope we do. Gov. Walz hasn’t been that bad a governor — and he has proven he can work with a Republican State Senate to produce a limited-growth budget with no shutdown.

Jensen/Birk frankly scares me. Dr. Jensen thinks Steve Simon should be in jail, and he favors abolishing the state income tax, which produces one-third of our revenue. (I’m supporting Simon, a good man, to rebuke Jensen.) Jensen’s campaign is irresponsible and beyond the pale. Unfortunately, we must also view it in the context of escalating nationwide threats of violence and Civil War from Republicans. As just one example, a Missouri Senate candidate is pitching “RINO hunting permits.”

Bob “Again” Carney Jr.

This is why I’m asking everyone to vote for me in the GOP primary for Governor — to return our state GOP to sanity. If I lose, I’ll support Walz and a GOP legislature in the general election.


Bob "Again" Carney, Jr.

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