Cathy Nathan: Let me continue positive work on the school board

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My name is Cathy Nathan, a candidate for Seat 6 on the Rochester School Board. I have seen first hand the power of education, community, and collaboration in Rochester. As the proud parent of two Rochester Public School graduates, I spent a decade as a community volunteer in our schools while also advocating for family engagement and education resources. It has been an honor to serve on the Rochester Public School Board over the last four years and to help our community navigate the complex challenges we have faced together during that time.

I am running for my second term in Seat 6 to continue the work I have diligently dedicated myself to: using my voice to champion the needs of all students, families and educators and using my vote to back up my words with actions and resources for long term student success.

I am passionate about hearing the voices and understanding the needs of our diverse Rochester Public Schools community and transferring those into district decision-making.

I am prepared to use credible information, best practices, and data analysis when considering my votes; I am prepared to use and craft policies and procedures to effectively govern the district’s work.

I am persistent as an advocate for better opportunities and resources and in holding the district accountable. I persist in strategizing how to best support student achievement and a positive learning environment in our Rochester Public Schools.


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Cathy Nathan

Success in the classroom begins when all students feel they are safe, welcomed and belong in their school community. It begins when educators and families are respected and supported with resources that meet their students’ needs. I will never stop fighting to make all this possible in our Rochester Public Schools. I would be honored by your vote in the primary on Aug. 9.

Cathy Nathan

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