Joyce Lynne Lacey: Right to life is a central tenet

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A governor should be fiscally responsible. I believe Minnesotans should spend their money on their necessities. Especially, in light of the pandemic. Political offices should never be bought. We have not asked for money for our campaign, as we believe that elections should be won on the integrity of the candidate, not who raised the most money.

I vow to always protect the sanctity of life, increase criminal penalties for voter fraud, support legislation to give parents the right to access their children's curriculum and oppose out-of-control government spending.

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We appreciate the PB's willingness to print letters to editor voicing our personal perspectives. While they allow us to vent, they are very limited and inadequate for facilitating meaningful honest discussion and for discerning truth. Vague and false portrayals of our candidates have been made here and printed by the PB.
I am thinking they should change the name of the US Mail to Mystery Mail because you never know when you are going to get it. It is now three days with no mail delivery and when I do get mail often it belongs to someone else. Oh! The mail truck did go by two days in a row but the lady said she was doing packages only.

I stand for the right to life regardless of one's age. No one should be forced to die against their will and against their family's wishes. Hospice will be reserved for terminal patients, as was first intended, not to rid the world of the elderly and disabled.

I will work towards guardianship reform. No human should be placed in a court meant for property (Probate Court) and have all their rights and property stripped from them. Guardianships/conservatorships need to be returned to a court of law, where human rights and constitutional rights are permitted to be heard.

I am dedicated to defending our freedom and the United States Constitution. I am a voice for the people. Having served my community, our state and country for nearly my entire life, I believe I have the experience and leadership qualities Minnesotans are looking for.


I would sincerely appreciate your vote. I would be honored to serve as your next governor.

Joyce Lacey

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Joyce Lynne Lacey

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