Steve Patterson: Standing up for individual, business rights

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My intention of running for governor was to be the voice of the people. I am not a politician, but rather a citizen who is fed up with our state government.

As a business owner who lost a previous business due to Gov. Walz shutting the economy down, I am determined to make sure small businesses are prioritized and protected. I believe in medical freedom for all people, be it vaccine or abortion related. As a former hospital security officer during the pandemic, I have seen first hand what mental health problems were created by Tim Walz's response to COVID-19, and I know that mental health must be prioritized so that all citizens can meet their full potential.

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As a driving instructor, I am sensing the frustration of students and parents as they try to schedule a road test. COVID-19 caused the small stations to shut down for many months. Then some stations were scheduling online tests up to six months later as the first available opening. Now, online appointments seemingly do not exist. Supposedly the state will allow scheduling 45 days prior to your 16th birthday. Parents check several times each day, to no avail!
Why is the Rochester City Council even thinking about dedicating $250,000 dollars a year in property tax revenue for the golf program? The poor people who can't play golf or don't want to play should not have their property tax increase so some richer people can play golf.

I stand behind the Second Amendment and law enforcement. I am firm in my mission to make Minnesota a Castle Doctrine state, and I do intend to fully legalize weed for recreational use. Finally, I intend to reward hard work by eliminating state income tax after the first 40 hours of work per week.

I encourage everyone to vote for Patterson-Huff in the primary on Aug. 9, to give us the support to stand up to Tim Walz and be the voice of the people in the general election. It’s time to do better, Minnesota.


Steve Patterson
Steve Patterson, candidate for governor.
Matthew Stolle / Post Bulletin

Steve Patterson

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