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Letter: A few ideas for the GOP platform

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This past week Judy Jensen (letter to the editor) accused Mitch McConnell and the GOP of having no future platform. Her party evidently favors"building up our country" which could mean "more money down the rathole!"

Sometimes a difficult situation may necessitate the military to order "retreat." The GOP for its next platform will likely include its policies from one year ago. Examples: complete the wall at the southern border, cut back on the million of new illegal foreign immigrants, return to being energy (oil, natural gas) independent, return to the trade restrictions on China, keep our schools open for our students to improve their skills and reduce their depression, honor and restore our police departments, prevent another botched Afghan departure, return to no rioting in our major cities.

Wow! What a difference one year has made! Ms. Jensen, these items make for a great platform for 2022 and 2024.

Don Buck, Zumbrota

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A real patriot recognizes that America is a democracy which chooses its leaders with free and fair elections, that his or her preferred candidate will not always win, and would never use or promote violence to attempt to subvert a legitimate election.
Please, don’t let us go down in history as the generation who let our democracy slip away.
The Rochester School District has benefited first hand watching and evaluating Dr. Pekel’s leadership which has been steady, strategic, and strong in these challenging times.
I was recently amused with a letter in this column wherein a self-styled, independent voter condemned Republicans for having no platform, and then claimed that the honest and decent ones were a disappearing breed. After this display of independence, the writer went on to ask us all to put aside our "partisan/tribal differences." Ok, but you first!