Letter: Abortion costs our world loving human beings

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First and foremost, as you will see in this article, I am pro-life and believe a human life begins at conception. I am not here to judge anyone or try to change anyone's mind or opinion on abortion. Simply put, I am here to offer a unique perspective from the personal life experiences God has given me in working with special needs children and children in general.

Take special needs young men and women for instance. The joy and individual gifts they bring to every member of their individual living communities is unmatched and incomparable. They are dependable, cheerful, witty, hard workers, enjoy the simplest things in life, caring and giving. A world without special needs human beings would be void of true love and laughter and would be missing an authenticity that our world needs.

All children, starting at conception, deserve the right to enter this world. A father of a special needs child once told me, "Tait, the way child X gives me a hug is unlike any of my other five kids. I look forward to child X's hugs so much each and every day." This particular child was non-verbal, but they didn't need a single word to communicate to their father true, authentic love.

Children never get a voice in deciding if they make it into this world, and I am here to give them their voice. I know from personal experience the value each human life that makes it onto this earth can bring.

Tait Kellogg, Rochester

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