Letter: An unwanted pregnancy would risk my life

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Nothing in my life has solidified my stance more on being a fierce abortion advocate than becoming a mother.

Shortly after our wedding, my husband and I found out we were expecting our first child. I was overjoyed; I had always dreamed of becoming a mother. Unfortunately, I miscarried. It was devastating.

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Two months later I was pregnant again. My high-risk pregnancy was incredibly difficult. I was sick the entire time. I had gestational hypertension and was on bed rest for six months. By 16 weeks, I was at risk of permanently losing my vision due to a chronic brain condition. The treatment for this made me even more sick, and I ended up losing nearly 50 pounds. I had a traumatic birth, resulting in an emergency cesarean to save both my and my daughter's life.

If I were to become pregnant again, I would risk my vision and my life. It would be a wanted pregnancy; however, I would have to make a difficult decision to ensure I retain my physical and mental health to raise my living daughter.

Abortion should be protected and accessible for everyone, regardless of circumstance. I am scared; I am scared for myself, my daughter, my fellow uterus-bearing people. Pregnancy should never be forced upon anyone. We must get out the vote pro-choice candidates this November; our lives depend on it.


Elizabeth Kuhlmann, Pine Island

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