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Letter: And the cow jumped over the moon

A limerick for the Daley Farm.

Letter to the Editor graphic

The Daleys -- they want to get bigger,
They will muck up our water -- go figure!
The board must decide
To give them free ride,
Or protect us from cow poop with rigor.

John Gabbert, Winona

What to read next
I am writing in response to an op-ed piece by Cal Thomas on Jan. 12 (“School daze in Chicago points to private solution”) that contained more than his usual dose of lies and untruths.
Please, don’t let us go down in history as the generation who let our democracy slip away.
A real patriot recognizes that America is a democracy which chooses its leaders with free and fair elections, that his or her preferred candidate will not always win, and would never use or promote violence to attempt to subvert a legitimate election.
The Rochester School District has benefited first hand watching and evaluating Dr. Pekel’s leadership which has been steady, strategic, and strong in these challenging times.