Letter: Approval for solar panels through Xcel Energy isn't short

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Last fall my wife and I decided to have solar electric panels installed on our river cottage in Wabasha. We contracted with All Energy Solar and proceeded to ascertain the site and suitability of roof support. A building permit was required and it was obtained after a septic system inspection.

Originally we were told the panels could be installed by this June 2022. Occasionally, in the last few weeks I would receive from Xcel Energy, the grid provider, a notice that the application was incomplete, but All Energy Solar communicated with Xcel and I was told all was in order.

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I just received from Xcel Energy a notice that there were four applications ahead of mine in the application process which they say takes up to 240 days for each of the proceeding four applications. That means, by my calculations, it could take over three years to complete the application process, never mind installation.

I have friends and family who, in other areas, including Rochester, have had panels installed in two to three weeks. I don’t know what the issue is with Xcel, but I have several theories. Delays, which would reduce the grid provider’s income, should not be allowed to thwart climate friendly energy access.

Fredric Kleinberg, Rochester

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