Making the former K-Mart lot a park-and-ride conflicts with the city’s and DMC’s vision of downtown, and it does not conform to existing zoning. By definition, a park-and-ride is a system for reducing urban traffic congestion, in which drivers leave their cars in parking lots on the outskirts of a city and travel to the city center on public transportation.

The proposed lot’s current entrances/exits are less than ideal. Broadway, Ninth Street and Third Avenue are already congested during the morning/evening and sometimes noon-hour, Monday through Friday. Entering onto Third or Broadway (via the narrow Soldier’s Field Plaza parking lot) brings more traffic onto these four-lane roads which are known to limit driver visibility when attempting to cross traffic. Ninth has a safer design, being three lanes, but there are bike lanes on both sides of Ninth. Allowing both lanes of traffic to turn left onto Broadway (those two lanes are divided by a bike lane) as suggested by the Traffic Study will make this intersection, where drivers frequently proceed despite pedestrians/bicyclists, even more dangerous.

The proposed lot will impact Sunnyside and Slatterly Park neighborhoods because drivers will cut-through both to avoid congestion. Drivers will be met with narrow streets and limited access to main roads in Sunnyside and two elementary schools and limited east access due to Bear Creek in Slatterly Park.

While I would love to see a compromise for a strickly short-term parking solution, I am unsure if added congestion and safety issues can be mitigated satisfactorily.

Melissa Stewart Ring, Rochester

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