Letter: Attempted coup ensured Trump's dishonor will remain

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Let’s make this simple and to the point. Conspiracy – cult – coup – Donald J. Trump. Sad – sickening – shameful – Donald J. Trump and his supporters.

After watching the first hearing concerning the Trump Insurrection Day, it is about as un-American as one can imagine. To see a young female officer trying to “save America” and the constitution to be beaten up by animalistic Trump supporters was truly a sad day in our country. The single-minded unremorseful thoughts of this golden boy who never grew up to be a real man will go down in the dark annals of history of this wonderful country we live in.

As in the words of Liz Cheney: “There will come a day when Trump is gone, but your dishonor will remain.”

May God bless our country which I believe has always been great!

Nathan Davidson, Grand Meadow

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