Letter: Author Gilman is owl that, and more

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Your article written by Kelsey Hawley on page C6 on May 10, “Owls inspire life reflection in local author,” was one of the most inspiring articles I ever read in the PB.

Greg Gilman authored two books called “My Life as an Owlet” and “An Owl’s Life Realized.” He donated some of his books to the Ronald McDonald House, Rochester Public Library, and the pediatrics section of Mayo.

What a terrific human being Greg Gilman is. He is a wonderful family man, a great author, a medical professional, and an inspiration to all of us.

Grace Curry, Rochester

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The first “paid” rounds of golf occurred on May 8, 1927 and I hope it continues in operation as an 18-hole course for another 100 years. My review of the report prepared by National Golf Foundation (NGF) on the city golf courses noted no justification to reduce it to a nine-hole course or to even consider closing the Soldiers Golf Course.
After my review of the 136-page report on the city-owned golf courses prepared by National Golf Foundation (NGF), I note no justification to reduce the number of golf holes or to consider closing Soldiers Golf Course.
This letter is in response to a letter written by Craig Martens published in the June 28 edition of the Post Bulletin. I have a point of clarification to his last paragraph. In 1926, Dr. Graham did NOT give this land to the City of Rochester. It is a fact, however, that he did own the land but it was purchased by the American Legion Post 92 of Rochester in 1924 from Dr. Christopher Graham.
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