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Letter: Climate change presents economic development opportunity

Climate Change is a real crisis and an enormous economic development opportunity.

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Climate Change is a real crisis and an enormous economic development opportunity. Minnesota’s $982 million portion of the recently enacted bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs legislation is waiting for distribution to our communities.

How does Olmsted County want to benefit from this “once in a generation” re-investment in America? Combined with other legislation, like the bipartisan Growing Climate Solutions Act passed in the Senate and being considered in the House; designed to help agriculture diversify and augment its revenue through carbon sequestration, these legislative packages provide the potential for economic development that can benefit everyone in Olmsted County.

Now consider the potential that the proposed $555 billion Build Back Better bill holds to create economic opportunities to address the climate crisis. These unique opportunities will only go to those who understand the urgency and importance of addressing this crisis and who take advantage through their local and state community representation.

Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL) is focused on solving global warming by creating political will for a livable world. CCL supports Pricing Carbon with a Dividend, the most rapid, effective, and socially just climate solution. This legislation ( ) dramatically reduces carbon emissions, grows jobs, improves our health, and supports families. It is the best climate solution and is supported by 49 senators and 88 representatives. This 100% self-funded legislation synergizes the economic development opportunities of all other climate solutions.

PLEASE JOIN CCL ( ) and tell your Senators ( ) and President Biden ( ) to pass strong Pricing Carbon and Dividend legislation now!


Michael Overend, Two Harbors

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