Letter: Don't fall for the 'Big Lie'

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Are our friends and neighbors liars?

That’s what the GOP wants us to believe. Recently the movie “2000 Mules” was shown at Jem Theater in Harmony and GOP candidate Jeremy Munson was allowed to push the Big Lie to the audience. Both events told the audience that election workers in our communities cheated.

I’m a proud Democrat and I believe that, like me, most Minnesotans consider our votes to be sacred. Every polling place is run by our friends and neighbors who give hours of their time and talent to ensure our votes are counted. Even at great risk to their own health during the pandemic, 30,000 Minnesotans stepped up to make sure we could vote safely.

But the Republicans use the Big Lie of election fraud to divide us. Our courts have investigated and these false claims have no basis in fact. Spreading the Big Lie leads to neighbors mistrusting neighbors and ultimately led to the violent Jan. 6 insurrection. The GOP wants to divide our communities because they think it will help them win. Don’t fall for it.

The evidence clearly shows the 2020 election was fair and accurately counted. Our county offices did a great job managing the election process and we have full faith in all the patriotic volunteers to do the same this fall. We encourage you to push back when you hear the Big Lie being spread. And respond by voting!


Because our democracy depends on your vote!

Julie Fryer, Chatfield

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