Letter: Driving tests are in an unfortunate -- and frustrating -- traffic jam

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As a driving instructor, I am sensing the frustration of students and parents as they try to schedule a road test. COVID-19 caused the small stations to shut down for many months. Then some stations were scheduling online tests up to six months later as the first available opening. Now, online appointments seemingly do not exist. Supposedly the state will allow scheduling 45 days prior to your 16th birthday. Parents check several times each day, to no avail!

I talked to a supervisor who said the state established these new rules. Stations are understaffed, which means few tests are given. I suggested that stations hire drivers ed teachers. He said that they state was "out of money" and could not hire extra exam people.

Our governor claims to be a knowledgeable educator. The 30-hour drivers ed class (permit), the six hours "behind the wheel" with the DE teacher and parents supervising their student's 40 hours of driving are "education." They should not experience the lack of the final test for their driver's license! Hopefully we do not end up giving the student a license based on the parent's claim of "perfection." I have been teaching driving students for 25 years and have never seen anything like this problem.

Don Buck, Zumbrota

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