Letter: E15 blend saves money, lifts economy

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It’s easy to see the toll that the instability of today’s global oil market is taking on consumers. However, this summer, Minnesotans will have access to a cost-saving biofuel called E15, a homegrown gasoline blend that has 5% more ethanol than traditional blends.

Last month, the federal government announced it was lifting its restriction on the summer sales of E15, allowing it to be sold year-round. This is great news for Minnesota drivers and farmers!

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Minnesota has a multi-billion-dollar surplus. Minnesota residents need help.

E15 is an environmentally friendly, cost-effective fuel option that works for almost all cars on the road today. That’s why we need to improve access to higher ethanol blends of motor fuel like E15. Investing in homegrown energy is a great way to make our state more energy independent while helping Minnesota consumers and farmers alike.

Statewide access to higher blends will directly benefit our corn farmers and ethanol producers, while saving drivers an extra 5-10 cents per gallon. In fact, a report shows that statewide E15 could add to the 23,500 Minnesota jobs already supported by ethanol and increase our state’s GDP by $313 million annually — money that will fuel our recovery.

That is why Minnesota lawmakers need to continue to find more ways to permanently expand and support the availability of E15 fuel blends across Minnesota.


Marlin Fay, Grand Meadow
The author is president of the Mower County Farm Bureau.

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