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Letter: Faith-based pregnancy centers correct an information deficit

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I was disturbed by the front-page article in the Post Bulletin’s Saturday, Aug. 27, 2022, issue titled “Privacy Not Guaranteed Under HIPAA,” regarding the faith-based crisis pregnancy centers in Minnesota. It gave a perspective implying faith-based crisis pregnancy centers are a menace to society.

In the Post Bulletin article, the impression is given that the crisis pregnancy centers are at fault. A closer reading of the article, however, indicates the problem is lack of protection from lawyers wanting to make a buck because crisis pregnancy centers are not covered by HIPAA. The only authority cited in the Post Bulletin, other than Ellison’s consumer alert, was Greg Myers, a lawyer who practices health law in Minneapolis. The responses of Tammy Kocher of First Care Pregnancy Center cited in this article give a truer picture of the quality of care one can expect at a faith-based crisis pregnancy center in Minnesota.

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My perspective is that the problem of lack of sharing complete information with women in crisis lies with the abortion clinics and not with the crisis pregnancy centers. As a matter of fact, the reason crisis pregnancy centers exist is to compensate for this deficit. There are alternatives such as adoption available. There is also community support for mothers wishing to carry their babies to term and even raise their children themselves.

Rev. Dale E. Rood, Dodge Center
The author is pastor emeritus of Anchor of Hope Church in Dodge Center.

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