Letter: Faith leaders call for peace in Ukraine

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On Wednesday, Dec. 21, Ukraine President Zelenskyy addressed the U.S. Congress and asked for continued support for Ukraine’s war against Russia.

Around the same time, led by The Fellowship of Reconciliation-USA, the National Council of Elders, Code Pink, and the Peace in Ukraine Coalition, a petition was circulated urging the Biden administration to press for “a ceasefire and a negotiated settlement” to bring the war to an end.

The petition reads:

As people of faith and conscience, believing in the sanctity of all life on this planet, we call for a Christmas Truce in Ukraine. In the spirit of the truce that occurred in 1914 during the First World War, we urge our government to take a leadership role in bringing the war in Ukraine to an end through supporting calls for a ceasefire and negotiated settlement, before the conflict results in a nuclear war that could devastate the world’s ecosystems and annihilate all of God’s creation.”  

More than 1,000 people have signed the petition so far, including leaders from many different faith traditions.


In addition to the threat of a nuclear war mentioned in the petition, we are facing a climate crisis. The world needs peace and co-operation between nations to adequately address it.

I would urge the Biden Administration to focus its work on helping to find a peaceful settlement to the war in Ukraine.

Rich Van Dellen, Rochester

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