Letter: Forum was 'what democracy looks like'

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Thank you to the four legislators who held a very informative and well-run town hall at the RCTC Heintz Center on Saturday, Jan. 21.

These elected government officials — Liz Bolden, Tina Liebling, Kim Hicks and Andy Smith — did a superb job of relaying what they’ve been working on so far this legislative session, as well as answering audience questions that had been submitted in writing. They acknowledged that there were many who had differences of opinion present, but that that is what democracy looks like. Yes!

A democracy consists of varying opinions. Expressing one’s opinions in a clear and respectful manner is a positive way to communicate and to make change. We teach our children to do this because respect is important.

It was highly disappointing to have had to make my way through a crowd of sign-bearing protesters to get in the building and to witness disrespect by some attendees (shouting repeatedly at the legislators, displaying obscene gestures, etc.). I was very happy that RCTC security and RPD were present to keep this childish behavior at bay. They and our legislators demonstrated remarkable constraint by acting professionally and respectfully throughout the forum.

Janine Yanisch, Rochester

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