Letter: Four 'yes' votes to get our support

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Given a large number of candidates for the 1st Congressional District, maybe we need an acid test to narrow the field. Voting yes to all four below reflects the majority views of the population.

1. You will vote for term limits.

79-81% of Americans support term limits. Members of Congress make promises to voters when they are elected but as soon as they get into office, they must begin raising money for reelection. Limiting to two terms, there is no incentive for members to raise money in their second term.

2. You will vote for direct popular vote elections.

62% of Americans support direct elections rather than the Electoral College. A president being elected without the majority of the popular vote creates some distrust. Having the popular vote determine the winner reduces this distrust.


3. You will vote to make Election Day a national holiday.

59% of Republicans and 71% of Democrats support the measure. We should be celebrating our democracy. Making Election Day a national holiday will make sure all can vote. 64% of Americans favor voting by mail which also increases turnout.

4. You will vote for making our tax system fair and simple.

Tax reform: most Americans feel higher-income individuals should pay more and the tax system should be simpler. The wealthy have the money to lobby congress for special rules. The simpler the tax code is, the fairer it is likely to be.

Tom Marpe, Rochester

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