Letter: Georgia law threatens our democracy

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Israelis have been in the streets for weeks. With their leader under threat of indictment, proposals have been made to give the legislative body the power to dismiss Supreme Court justices and appoint their replacements. The Israeli people understand how that would fundamentally weaken their democracy.

Indeed, separation of powers is a foundational principle of any democracy. How will we respond now that it is happening in America?

Georgia is passing a law allowing the legislature to hand pick a panel with the power to remove or punish a prosecutor for ill-defined reasons. Georgia already has the ability to punish prosecutors who commit crimes or malfeasance through the Bar Association or the attorney general's office. The new law will allow those in power in Georgia including the governor, lieutenant governor and the legislature to establish a panel that will decide who will be removed.

Months ago, Fani Willis a prosecutor in Fulton County, Georgia, had informed the Lieutenant Governor that he is a target in an investigation into the fake electors scheme during the coup attempt in 2020.

Terry Ryan, Rochester

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