Letter: Graveyard graffiti pains surviving family members

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I was extremely dismayed to hear of and see pictures of the graffiti at the Calvary Cemetery that was carried out on Halloween night. In one section of many, I saw graffiti written on my brother’s stone of interment.

This is not only disheartening but troublesome to me. My first thought was one of great sadness that someone would do such a thing to a cemetery and then to my brother’s place of rest. They did not know my brother was a kind, gentle soul that would give you his shirt and shoes if you needed them. I am troubled because of the viciousness someone has in their heart.

My hope is that they find the person or persons who did this, make them pay restitution, and send them to jail to think about what they did.

Laura Glascock (sister to Donald Glascock), Los Alamos, New Mexico

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