Letter: Have the Taliban landed?

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Have you noticed the parallels between the national loss of woman’s rights in Afghanistan and what is about to happen in America?

Before the Taliban took power, the woman of Afghanistan lived for 20 years under laws that protected their rights. Before taking power, they stated that they were not the same old Taliban and the rights of women would be protected.

Before the latest 3 judges joined the Supreme Court, the woman of America had been living for 50 years under laws that protected their rights. As the 3 most recent nominees were interviewed in private and public, they stated that Roe Vs. Wade was settled law and was a long-standing precedent and frequently mentioned Stare Decisis.

As soon as the Taliban could, they launched an ever-growing list of actions to end women’s rights. Were they lying when they said what they did?

As soon as the 3 new Supreme Court judges could, they voted contrary to all they had said. and voted to end Roe vs Wade. Did they lie or were just being cute? What rights will they next end?


Such a major issue like planning one’s family is right to be based on a person’s moral beliefs. That is why they must be made by the woman, her doctor and from who else she seeks advice. Such a decision should not be made for her by an invasive, dictatorial government, a judge and certainly not some random states’ rights politician or extremist party.

Edward Cohen, Rochester

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