Letter: How about stationing military in schools?

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We have 200,000 military stationed overseas and 1.4 million in the army alone stateside. You consider school shootings domestic terrorism but fail to act at any level.

With 130,000 schools in our country , I think maybe we could use our own military to protect our schools. Maybe two each and let our city police take care of their cities.

Please stop the political BS and protect my grandchildren and my neighbors children.

Dave Bainter, Oronoco

What to read next
This letter contains a subset of the information that was sent to Mayor Norton, the City Council and the Park Board.
The Minnesota Senate Republicans are showing us once again that they are the party that does not do anything for the people and state of Minnesota. The Republicans have stated that they will not attend a special session to finish their work.
Soldiers Field Park is a wonderful sports complex accessible to everyone in Rochester. Soldiers Field Golf Course is unique in its sense of place, the hallmark sought by great golf architects. Soldiers Field Golf Course provides views of Mayo Clinic on each of its 18 tee boxes.
Regarding Our View article on June 11, why juries are comprised as they are. You blamed it on jury selection process. It’s true that serving on a jury can be a financial hardship, the wage barely covers the costs to serve.