Rochester elected city officials should not be paid based on city size or family income, but on effectiveness and competence. A 2% increase would be fair. A 4% raise would be generous. Doubling their own salary is unacceptable.

Voters should decide, but council member Michael Wojcik wants to bypass Rochester constituents on this. I don’t blame him. Would someone who works full time and still makes less than the mayor and city council members vote to double their salaries? I don't think so. Our city council members, with the exception of Shaun Palmer, will fight to do double their pay administratively because they don't have the courage to bring it to their constituents. They know it’s a slap in the face of Rochester’s working families.

Michael Wojcik and his allies in the Rochester City Council need to keep their greed in check. If they want higher pay, they should resign and look for a better paying job elsewhere. Period.

Othelmo da Silva, Rochester

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