Letter: Left vs. Right: Which side is more morally developed?

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There’s a great brokenness between the LEFT and the RIGHT, agreed?

To some, LEFT means working for equality, justice, opportunity, and freedom for all people. To others, it is giving away too much to undeserving folks.

To some, RIGHT clings to old memes we need to outgrow, and disrespects equality. To others, it is properly imposing certain religious beliefs on all people and rewarding the wealthy.

Left and right exist on a flat plane. Some might call them different but equal. Perhaps we have the evaluation planes wrong.

Consider Maslow’s Hierarchy of Morality. He said moral development is a vertical process. We all start with a concern for: 1. ME only. Then it’s:


2. Me and you if it is in my interest.

3. Me and you and people close to me.

4. Me and my groups and institutions.

5. Me and society and greatest good for the greatest number.

6. Me and universal moral principles to which I am personally committed.

Today’s Republicans, it seems to me, are mostly stuck at levels 2 and 3, with maybe a few as advanced as level 4. Many Democrats appear to operate more on levels 5 and 6.

Politicians seek power. Without power, you can do little. However, when the point of power is levels 2 and 3, you represent a threat to the common good. If we evaluate our representatives and leaders on this vertical model, we may elect more who will actually make things better for us all.

Kathy Hume Gray, Kellogg

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